My First Internship Story at Suitmedia

As a computer science/ informatics student, I can confidently say that the courses given on the campus are not sufficient to make me become a great software engineer. On campus, the lecturer will mainly discuss abstract concept such as OOP, Database, Variable, Function, etc. Especially at the first and second year at IF ITB. That’s why I think that I need to do an internship to gain more practical experience, getting your hand dirty is a fast way to make you learn many things.

I was sophomore when I did my first internship. On my campus, it’s not common to do an internship when you are freshmen or a sophomore. Mostly, we need basic tech experience to be able to start our first internship. Thankfully, previously I had done some web and Android project when I was in high school.

Fast forward, finally I got my first internship at Suitmedia, a software house company based in Bandung and Jakarta. Suitmedia main office is in Jakarta, but the company also have an office in Bandung to handle their mobile app project. I did my internship at Bandung, the office is near to my kost and campus. It’s only ±100m from my kost, and it’s also a nice place to work. The employee there can play XBOX and ping-pong when they are bored. The office also provides free lunch every Friday 😀

Suitmedia Bandung office

During my internship at Suitmedia, I help the company to remake the DBL App interface, also doing bugfix in some of their apps, such as Torabika Soccer Championship (TSC) App and SIKAD App. I also made a new app from scratch there, it is an App to show current movie schedule in every city in Indonesia. I also learned many tools to ease making Android App. Some of them are Glide, Butterknife, Retrofit, Picasso, Butter Knife, and many more. I also learn how to handle Android code with hundreds of class and interface. The employee there are very nice, they always help me if I have some problem with my work.

I did my Internship from January till May 2017, the next month after my internship in Suitmedia, I started my next Internship in Tokopedia. Different city, different position, and also more fun experience there 😀

Doing internship is a great experience for computer science student! you need to try as early as possible.

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