A Day as an Intern at Tokopedia


Nakama is the name of Tokopedia employee, the biggest e-commerce company in Indonesia (based on Alexa web rank). Thank God, I had an opportunity to did my internship there. It was a great experience for me as a third-year computer science student. I learned many new technologies there, including Go language, Redis cache, Postgres database, GraphQL, Mux, Scrum, etc.

In this article, I’ll try to write my daily life as a software engineer intern in Tokopedia. I did my internship from May-August 2017. Previously I did my first internship at Suitmedia in Bandung.

During my internship in Jakarta, I chose not to rent a kos-kosan. Tokopedia office is located in Kuningan, the average cost to rent a kos-kosan there is around Rp 2.000k – Rp 5.000k. For me, it was not a cheap price just for a place to sleep, because mainly I spent most of my time at the office. Fortunately, I could use a sharing-room (sabilillah) in Masjid Ar-Royan haha.

Morning routine | 4.30 am

Every morning, we as anak masjid wake up at around 4.30 am to pry Shubuh. After that, we read Al-Quran together. Then I continue my sleep until 7.00 am. This was not a good habit ._.

Prepare for work | 7.00 am

After woke up, then I took a bath and then prepare my stuff for work (laptop, charger, id card). For my breakfast, I could eat chicken porridge (bubur ayam), Burjo and milk, or Soto. Mainly I did my breakfast in Warteg near Masjid Ar-Royan.

Then I need to take a walk for about 5 minutes from Masjid Ar-Royan to Tokopedia Tower.

Work time | 9.00 am – 6.00 pm

Tokopedia has a relatively flexible work hour, but we had to come before 10 am. That is not a very early work hour in Jakarta, my friend who did an internship at Pertamina in Jakarta had to arrive at 7 in his office haha.

After arriving in the lobby, I need to use the lift to go to my table, it was on the 49th floor. We need to use our id card to use the lift, but at that time Tokopedia had just moved to that new tower, so we could easily use the lift without id card. If you can come early, you can take some free bread in the kitchen, there is also free Milo every day 😀


Sinchan Squad after User Tribe Townhall


My table during my internship at Tokopedia

I was assigned to Sinchan Squad, my work was around chat and feed backend. I implemented user status in chat interface, the user is informed when the shop admin is online, it is indicated by a small green circle.  I need to learn React.js to implement that interface modification.

I also implemented a new mechanism in the feed, the user will be informed when their favorite shop is posting a new item. I also did some bugfix in the system, that bug is hard to be spotted because the traffic in Tokopedia is very huge. We need to handle every exception that can occur in the system. I was very happy to fix that bug. When we deal with a big system like Tokopedia, we need to make sure that our code is bug-free and efficient. I learn a lot from this internship program. We also use Scrum method to organize our work there, It was my first experience to work with Scrum method.

Free time | 07.00-10.30 pm

Night view from Tokopedia Tower

The work hour lasts for 9 hours (including lunch break), but I often went home at 7 pm, or sometimes at 8 pm. Tokopedia has a very cozy office, we can play Uno or have dinner together after work hour.

Arrived at kosan, then I need to ngaji. After that, I can talk with my friend before sleep, or sometimes just watching YouTube.

Mas Sidiq creating his thesis after ngaji :v


That’s it, it was a fun doing my internship at Tokopedia. I gained a lot of knowledge there. Thanks a lot to all of my workmate there!.

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